Cables for alarms and security systems are used in electronic control equipment, for detecting danger signals, in anti-intrusion and fire detection systems. They can be used to connect automatic fixed systems as well as manual signalling systems. The CPR classifications allow the use in multiple environments as per European regulations.
Designed to guarantee mechanical protection in underground installations or in environments with the presence of rodents. Suitable for transporting energy or transmitting signals and commands. Types of steel reinforcement are: tape, braid, wire and wire with counter-spiral tape. The CPR classifications obtained allow use in multiple environments as per European directives.
Cables for the transmission of video signals and telecommunications are divided into different types based on the needs of use. Some are more suitable for connecting CCTV cameras, others for video door phone systems, still others for more complex video surveillance systems.
Electrical cables for civil use are used for power supply, command and signaling in domestic or non-domestic environments such as bars, restaurants or waiting rooms. The CPR classifications obtained allow the use in multiple environments as per European directives.
These cables are mainly used in fire detection, telephone, home automation systems and with other special transmission protocols. The CPR classifications allow the use in multiple environments as per European regulations.
Cables specially designed to guarantee safety in fire conditions according to specific construction regulations of the sector and related CPR certifications. Fire resistance is measured in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. They are suitable for power supply in contexts where it is essential to limit the spread of flames and smoke, such as in the case of safety and emergency systems, fire extinguishing devices, opening doors and systems design in general.
Cables used for the transmission of audio signals, for the transport of energy or transmission of signals and commands for bridge cranes, hoists and cranes as well as hoists and lifts.
These are cables suitable for the transmission of energy, for signaling and command in the connections of industrial equipment or for the power supply of electric motors controlled by an inverter. Oil resistant and low halogen emission. The Beriflex ® family offers a broad and personal solution for industrial automation.
The special cables for instrumentation, specifically aimed at the Oil&Gas sector, are made to work in extreme conditions and with the specific construction regulations of the sector. Suitable for installations in critical environments in the presence of dust, mud, gas and chemical substances. They are used for control, instrumentation power supply in general. Available in CPR version, armoured and non-armoured versions.
Suitable for outdoor use. They guarantee greater durability over time against atmospheric agents and UV rays. They are used for transmission of commands, safety signals, data transmission and video signals.
Thanks to their mechanical properties, cables for photovoltaic systems are very durable over time and offer adequate resistance to atmospheric agents, in particular UV rays.
Screened cables are equipped with an external protection (screen) which aim to reduce the effect of electromagnetic radiation and disturbances in general. A screened cable is the right choice for communication, instrumentation and control systems. Berica Cavi offers screened cables with three types of screen: aluminum tape or PET, copper braid or mixed screen.
Suitable for use with high and low temperatures, for powering electrical devices located in environments with continuous temperatures from -40°C to 180°C
Various types of thermocouple cables suitable for connecting temperature detection sensors. The letters J-W-T-S identify the calibration of the gauge with the relative conductive material.
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